My Little Baby Girl Sheba.
by Sharon Wilcox
Today was the day i had to say goodbye to My best friend & soul fur baby, Last year she was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and from the day she was diagnosed until this sad day, She was nothing but a hearty German Shepherd with all the love in the world to give her Mummy & Daddy (Esp her Mummy), We had her from a puppy and she was classed as the runt of the litter, The only one left that no-one wanted, But when we went to visit her the way she staggered over and growled, We knew she was the one for us. Her Daddy scooped her up and passed her to me, I was scared at first to hold the tiny bundle of fur,But as soon as i took her in my arms she melted my heart completely.
Watching her grow up into the most fiercely loyal baby girl that would have given her life for us,That runt of the litter turned out to be the most precious fur baby i had ever owned.She was Adorable,Cute and so lovable, Happy to meet and greet anyone while off the lead and playing though i wouldn't have wanted to mess with her or come to close while being on the lead and in protective mode, But yet to us all we saw was that dopey silly little girl with big brown eyes.
Back to that day of diagnoses the love and fight she gave to stay by our sides was amazing,Yet over the past few days before her crossing to Rainbow Bridge,It was getting harder and harder not just for her but us as her parents to watch her slip down the slippery sloop to just existing,Not wanting to play and go out for her much loved walks and runs or play ball and catch killed us both, That was when we decided that her life was worth more than just existing in the home being happy watching us and being close to us,
So Today we made the heart wrenching decision to let my baby girl cross over with dignity and as happy as she could have been with everything that was happening to her that she also didn't understand herself as many times i watched her lick her back legs and her face as she tried to get up and move about without help, We wasn't prepared to let her suffer any longer! So Today we took her to the vets and gave her a new lease of life letting her slip across to Rainbow Bridge where i know she will be happier than she was, Being able to run and play with all of the other fur babies that are there without any pain or discomfort.
Its a tough choice to know when to let you baby go, But you have to do whats best for them and not be selfish to keep them with you. And to remember that even though your losing them they will be waiting for you when its your time to be reunited. Only then you wont get any rest as they will be pain free and as active as they once was before they became ill.So be ready to spend your spirit lives together with all the love you once had and knew! Dedicated to My Special Baby Girl Sheba, Mummy & Daddy loves you very much and you will always be in our hearts & minds. We will be reunited once again until then run free and play wildly.( But no misbehaving!! ) xxx
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