Toby my precious boy
by Sharon Sewell
Toby my precious boy

My heart is broken not sure if it will mend,
Lost my faithful friend today I held him at the end,
He gave me so much joy it’s hard to explain,
But he lost his coordination tumour on the brain,
I know the last act you can give them is to let them go,
If love could have kept him forever he’d be with me I know,
Every room is a reminder with comfy beds and toys,
Although he was blind he alerted me to every noise,
Each night he’d sleep beside me wake me with a kiss,
I never could imagine it would end like this,
He really was an angel send to bring me joy,
I spoiled him to bits he always brought me a toy,
I have been his eyes he has been my sun,
Always full of happiness with a love for everyone,
I cannot begin to tell how much Toby meant to me,
I hope he’s now on rainbow bridge with beautiful things to see,
How will I fill the days without him by my side,
Take him on the walks he loved where I would be his guide,
I told him how much I loved him as he took his last breath
Thank you Laura and Susan for entrusting him to me for the time that he had left,
Learning to live without him I know will break my heart,
I’d give anything to have him back can’t stand to be apart,
If he can hear me up in heaven I just want him to know,
He was the bravest soul I ever met and I love him so xxx
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