14 very Short Years
by Smeigal Waddell
He got his nails done yesterday.. he got a new flannel Cape( bc his deep chest in that little body so hard to fit) he went with me to watch Masyn Race.. I let him eat Popcorn Chicken ( breaking the rules as I always do) It was a Perfect Day..
Masyn ask “ Gramma ? Why do you bring him every time?.. I said “ I have a fear of coming home to him and him having died alone” I have held my breath for 2 years as I drive home hoping he pops out from the covers when I open the door” All my Dogs have died in my arms... and My Precious Smeigal did just 2 hours ago.. I hate surprises when it comes to my pets and I sure didn’t dream as he lay in front of the fireplace last night, as he snuggled by me in bed that I would lose my Friend who out lived all my big dogs who survived and tolerated so many diseases and surgeries.. I just told my Aunt that he had really been my shadow for the past week.. very clingy.. wanted to be in my recliner with me when he loves his bed... he knew.. the thought crossed my mind.. but it didn’t today.. he woke up so sick.. then all the diapers And wraps he hated couldn’t stop what was pouring out and they ran 600 bucks of test and Iv and first said admit him and come back in the morning.. and that fear set in again.. she said he had Pancreatitis and he was hurting and that’s all that had to be said to me... and I held him and told him how rotten he was
How spoiled he was.. how I could have bought a new truck with what he d cost me over the last 10 yrs.. I told him He couldn’t leave me with this crazy cat that also got so attached... I told him I wouldn’t complain anymore about how many times he made me climb those stairs with my bad leg.. if he d just stay
With me.. just 1 more day.... and he licked my face and make a hurt moan sound and I said OK.. my amazing little ole man.. I don’t know how to be without you bc you got me thru everything else...
I hope Odie meets you at Rainbow Bridge.. and I Love you more than my life....
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