Top Dog
by Spicy CN
I learned of unconditional love
because of you.
You didn't care if i was rich,
If i was strong,
You didn't care if I was anyone in the world.
But to you, I was the best thing in the world.

That kind of love just came naturally from you.
Your overprotectiveness.
Your lazy ways of eating your food.
How you jump and play with you food as if it's alive.

You had that long face even when you're having fun.
But when you see me, you smile so excitedly.
Your lively and happy playfulness.
Not just with me, but with every one.
You loved differently but so wonderfully and wholeheartedly.

Thank you for the love.
I love you too.
I will always miss you.
I really wish there is a heaven so I can see you again, roachie poochie.
Goodbye my sad boy, you're the best dog in the world.

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