A Decade Gone By but Never Forgotton
by Stephen Pritikin
Dear Tazma, I am so sorry I am late writing you. I know Feb 18th 2013 was the day you left me to Rainbow Bridge. A decade of time and yet never a day forgotten. I wish I could be with you now but I know God has a plan for when we will reunite again. I miss Taffy and Runt too. Your sisters Lana, Binky and Rosie say hi. They will meet you some day to.
I have the best fur-babies in the universe. All six of you have made my life whole. I can't challenge God as to why, but I keep saying why did not God make our Fur-babies live as long as us humans ? 15 years was too short. You were 15 when you went to the Bridge and 10 years has gone by since. I got you 25 years ago and always will remember that first day I got you in front of Target a family was giving away kittens and I chose you. I remember every day since. I love you and miss you so much. I hope you and Taffy and Runt are having fun. I love you Tazma. Thanks for taking care of me. I will write again soon. Love Daddy
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