A Special Christmas Tail
by Stephen Pritikin
Dec. 24th, 2015 Dearest Tazma, here I am again looking for you and Taffy on a cool Christmas eve. I know when I awake tomorrow to open presents, the one present I ask for every year, is not under the tree. That present is you and Taffy. I remember the 15 Christmas's we had together. Each year watching you two getting into the tree water and tearing up the Christmas wrapping on presents. You would play with the unwrapped paper from each present. I would trade anything to have you both home again. I pray that one day we will be together again. I hope you are taking care of Taffy since she is new to Rainbow Bridge. I have spent three years writing to you and at times I imagine I see you run by as I am typing. Maybe it is your spirit. I know you are not in pain anymore and my hope is for your happiness along with Taffy. Please take care little tails and know I am thinking of you both always. I think life is unfair the God puts us here and beautiful fur babies to love and take care of, only to have your life cut short. God should have at least given the fur babies more loving years on earth. Let you live to 50 or more. I feel so alone without my furry 4 legged children. Well my sweet Tazma and Taffy, know that I will always love you and always will. One day when we are together again, we can have fun and playtime without pain and suffering. It is so hard to write these stories but I need to. There are so many people who cherish their fur babies. Know that I cherish you and Taffy forever. Take care my sweet babies. Love Daddy
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