A letter for my best friend
by Stephen Pritikin
Dear Tazma, I finally had surgery on my foot July 27th and have a uncomfortable cast on. The doctor had to do reconstructive foot surgery which has left me almost non mobile. I have a scooter that helps and crutches. What I miss most is my Tazma. I remember so many times when I did not feel well, you would climb on my chest and do your kitty walk then fall asleep. This is the best medicine anyone could ask for. Even though you are with your friends, Binky has learned how to do something like you used to do. She hops in my lap and crawls on my chest at night to be petted while she gives kitty love back. I never feel the pain when a kitty is around. You were so special in that way. I will get better as healing has started. I might have to wear this cast until October 2016. Runt, Lana. and Binky are getting along. Binky is still a tween and she loves to get into trouble but she is funny when she does something she knows not to and gets caught. She reminds me so much of you. I wish you were here to meet her. My dear baby Tazma, I love you so much. I need to write to Taffy but know I have you on my mind and in my heart 24/7. The mold was broken when you were made. I know one day we will be together again. You stay healthy and enjoy your sister and friends. Take care and know I always love you. Daddy
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