Almost Another Year and Another Year of Tears
by Stephen Pritikin
Feb 4, 2016 To my dear little Tazma. Feb 18 will be three years since we last held each other. When you were not feeling well I took you to the Vet. I always played with you and gave you special treats and in return you gave me Kitty Love 24/7. I am so sorry I could not do more to keep you here with us longer. I hope what I did do, extended your health gave us that extra time to take care of each other. I thought with the loss of your sister Taffy in June 2015 would take away the tears and focus them on Taffy. I found that I love you both equally and shed my tears for both of you daily. I will never understand why God give us such precious fur babies to love and take care of and not extend your lives to last as long as us humans. 15 years went by in a heart beat. I know I still have sister Runt and the addition of Lana almost 2 years ago but I believe everyone has a special place in their heart for each of our pets and no amount of tears will ever change that. I hope you are having fun and living without pain or sorrow. I hope and pray one day we will reunite together again. You brought me joy and unconditional love every day you were here. I miss those days more then anything in the entire world. No matter how many years go by, I know I will never stop missing or loving you and my tears will rain down daily remembering the wonderful times we had playing and having our private talks together. Tazma my dear, please remember I did all I could to keep you healthy and taken care of. You even took care of me when I was ill or sick. My tears are for both sadness and happiness. Sadness that you are gone almost three years and happy for the 15 years you were here. Please take care of your sister and friends and know I think about you every day. You will always be my pretty kitty. I will write again soon. Until then I will walk between the tears and remember that you gave me a special fur baby love that can never be repeated. Hugs and Kisses little Tazma. Love Daddy
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