Another sorrow
by Stephen Pritkin
On 6/28/2015, Tazma's step sister Taffy left me to join her at Rainbow Bridge. I know Tazma passed away Feb 18, 2013, but I am still empty-hearted without her. I did not expect Taffy to go so soon. I know many of you at Rainbow Bridge and members have stories like this and I reach out to all of you who lost your best friend, fur baby, etc.. I am so sorry for your loss(s) and I send my condolences to all. I know you feel like I do with the hurt and pain of that loss. May of you wrote me with beautiful messages and cards and I thank you all. I feel so empty and lost without them. I got so much unconditional love from both every day. I wish they could live as long as us. 15 years from kitten to cat to adult to the bridge. All went by in a moment of time. I write this because I want my babies to know I never stopped caring or loving them. I wish for a miracle but I know better. I just wish it did not hurt so much. My prayer is all of us have that day when we re unite again with our lost babies. Tazma and Taffy, I love you and know you no longer have pain. Know that each of you is in my heart. I love you so much. Daddy
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