9 Christmas's Ago
by Stephen Pritikin
Nov 25, 2021 Hi Tazma. How are you? Hope your watching and playing with your sisters Taffy and Runt. Lana, Binky and Rosey say hi. This is almost 9 years ago you left for Rainbow Bridge. Each year goes by and I miss you and your sisters as if it were yesterday. You were my first sweet girl who always gave Kitty love. Here comes the holidays again and my heart breaks for all of you.
Kitties are so special. To me they are my 4 Legged kids. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Tazma. Save some turkey for your sisters. I love you so much. Aunt Ginny has really provided a wonderful place to maintain our memories of our sweet fur babies. Thank you Aunt Ginny and Rainbow Bridge. Love you Tazma always, Daddy
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