Deh Weh Of Deh Kitteh
by Stephen Myers
Deh Weh Of Deh Kitteh

Open paw
Hidden claw
Whipsaw right
Hang on tight
Ears drop back
Arching back

Meowin’ howl
Meaty growl
Whiskers twitch
Scratch that itch
Puffed up fur
Throaty purr

Curled up tight
Basking sunlight
Half slit stare
Fur filled chair
Stretched out Sphinx
Catnip hijinks

Fur in face
Personal space
Grooming licks
Hind leg kicks
Time to box
Buried in socks

Head held tight
Time to fight
Teeth sink in
Claws rake skin
I let go
You say no

Uncle I say
Jaws pull away
Lick your chops
This round stops
Scritching ears
No more fears

Times gone by
Years did fly
Never enough
Memories and stuff
Forever in my heart
We’ll never part

I miss you cat
How you sat
How you purr
Your beautiful fur
Your annoying cry
Because your dish is dry

One day again
We’ll play without end
We’ll nap in the sun
A quick chase and run
We’ll box and fight
In warmth and light

Until then
Play without end
Save me a space
Watch for my face
Runnin’ for you
And your new friends too
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