Five Summer's Later
by Stephen Pritikin
May 24, 2018
Dear Tazma, We are coming up on our 5th summer without each other. As each year passes, each holiday, each season, memories come to me as fresh as if they were yesterday. You will always be my little Tazma who loved to play and love everyone. I miss you and Taffy so much. I keep wondering what each time I write what I will say thinking one day I would run out of things to say. However I write what is on my heart and with this, I always find something to say. I hope you are having fun with your new friends and staying close to Taffy. Runt, Lana, and Binky are holding the house down and I know Runt misses you a lot. I know there are individual pets for everyone. Each of you has your own personality. Like two snowflakes, no two pets are alike. You are very special to me. The most loving kitty ever. Stay healthy my little girl and know I think of you always. The hot summer is coming so drink lots of water. Love you so much. Daddy
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