Leaving an Old Year and entering a New Year
by Stephen Pritikin
Dec 31, 2020, Hi Tazma. How are you my sweet baby? I am so sorry I did not write sooner. I had knee surgery in March at the same time Covid 19 came out. This has been a trying year. But I always have a smile when I see your pictures and of your sisters Runt and Taffy. Also your other Sisters Lana, Binky and new kid Rosie say hi. I hope your doing well. It has been over 8 years since we last hugged. I missed you at Christmas watching you climb the Christmas tree and chasing the used wrapping paper. You are always in my memory. Nothing compares with having the love of a kitty. All of you are the best. I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year. This disease called Covid 19 this year has devastated everyone on this earth. You, Taffy and Runt are in a better world when there is no pain or sorrow. I can hardly wait until I see all of you again. Rainbow Bridge has been a blessing to me all these years. They help me keep the memories alive. I hope it is as pretty as the pictures I have seen. Love you so very much. Hugs and Kisses Taffy. Love Daddy
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