Summer Seems So Sad
by Stephen Pritikin
Dear Sweet Tazma. Summer is coming and there is an empty place in my heart for you as always.I remember when it is hot, you would cuddle up with me with the AC and fall asleep on my lap. Your favorite thing to drink was ice water. You would go crazy to have ice put in your water and drink and drink. SO many fun things we would do and you always gave your kitty love to me 110 % daily. You are a special kitty. I love all my kitties but you were my first. I try not to remember the last days as that hurts so much. I wish I had you here at any cost. I hope you are still having fun with your sister Taffy and your friends at the Bridge. You will always be in my heart and someday I hope to be reunited with you again. You are so special. I miss you so. Love daddy.
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