Another New Year but not without sadness
by Steve Pritikin
It is Jan 26, 2017 and Tazma you have been gone almost 4 years. It seems like 40 years. We had 18 years together and I remember that first day I found you in a box in front of a Target store where someone was giving you away. That was one of two happiest days ever. The other one was when I met mommy. I had no idea you would be such a happy cat and a fun kitty that everyday I came home from work you were always there waiting to give me love. When I was sick, had surgeries, just down on life, you were there as a little 4 legged human to say "daddy, it will ve OK" You were always right. Your love given long enough pulled me through anything I went through. Now I have another problem byt this time you are not here to help fix it. Mommy loves daddy and Daddy loves mommy. As Christians we try to follow God and His instructions. The day after Christmas mommy came back from an errand and told me she was leaving but not coming back. She said she does not want a divorce, nor a legal separation, there was nothing wrong and even though we at times do not understand communications, we never yelled, or threatened each other. Mommy said she wanted to be live free after 24 years of being married. She said she will always love me and stay married to me but wanted to travel and do things I can not because of my Arthritis. All the counseling at the Church and elsewhere did not help. She does not know what she wants to do but said "maybe" someday come back to me. Tazma I ask you for your prayers for mommy and I. I feel this is the wrong place to write this but maybe if all the pets prayed for us, I would have a chance and mommy would here you. I miss you so much my little Tazma. It seems like you could fix anything. I wish you were here to take the hurt away and hope mommy hears your prayers that she loves you as much as I. All your sisters are sad too. I did not want this to be about mommy I wanted it to see if you could pray from where you are in that beautiful place called Rainbow Bridge. I need to go to write Taffy now. I love you little girl and I still have your sisters, Runt, Lanna, and Binky. But you were my rock and so was mommy. Please pray Tazma. I love you so much.
Love daddy
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