Another lonely Christmas
by Steve
12-10-2015, My dear Tazma, I missed you at Thanksgiving when I would watch you sit patiently for some people turkey. You were such a good girl and how you did not jump up on the table but would sit by my chair and wait until I fed you. I miss those days. Christmas is near and I do not have a Christmas gift for you because you are not here. I believe where you are is a better place then here and you can get all the toys and food you want. Play time must be fun with your sister Taffy and friend Zaki and Aja. I hope that magical day will come when we will be reunited with each other again. I remember how your first Christmas was challenging to you. A tree somehow grew over night in the living room and had what you thought were a bunch a play toys hanging on the tree. I remember when you would swat the Ornaments and one day climbed up the center of the tree causing the tree to fall down. I had to tie the tree to the wall after that. Every year was special having you around the tree and opening gifts with us. I know that we will celebrate the biggest Christmas ever when we see each other again. I wish I could write you every day but I am limited on space. I would let you knock down every tree if it meant you coming back. I need to write to your sister Taffy. Take care little Tazma and always remember that our love for each other will never fad. I believe it grows stronger every day. Thank you for giving me 15 years of unconditional love and pleasure. Take care and we will talk again soon. Love daddy
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