Just Thinking About You
by Steve Pritikin
August 5, 2015
Hi Tazma, I was thinking of you and Taffy as I always do and realized I had not wrote to you in a while. I hope you are with Taffy showing her the beauty of Rainbow Bridge and all the friends you can have. It has been hot here and I need to finish Taffy's memorial here. I hope you found Zaki and Aja and Tick's and all of you are playing and having fun. It is so hard even since Feb 18, 2013 to think I just got you when you were 6 weeks old and now you would be
17 1/2. Taffy was 6 weeks old two when we got her and she is over 15 now. Where did all the time go? I will write again soon. I hope one day we all will be together again. Take care my little tails. Love Daddy
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