Missing my Tazma
by Steve Pritikin
10-04-2015 Dear Tazma, I was looking at some of your baby pictures and the good memories returned. Days of you running in the house at full speed. Days when you would spend hours playing with a crumbled up paper ball. Days where you would look out the window waiting for me to come home. I get so confused to this day if I would have done something different, you would be here today. People remind me there probley was nothing I could have done. You went to the Vet and I cuddled you when ever I had the chance. You and I had so much fun together. I don't want another kitten to ever replace you. You are one in a trillion. I look at your pretty eyes in the picture I have in front of me and think you are just hiding. I then come back to reality and know you are not and have gone to Rainbow Bridge. I know one day we will be together again. No human could provide the endless love of a pet, especially you Tazma. You loved everyone. I miss you sweetie. I will write again soon. I am going to write on your sister's Guardian site now. I hope you both are together having fun and waiting for me. Take care my sweet little tails. Love you so much...Daddy
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