by Steve Sbertoli
part of me is dying
My soul is broken
I cant stop crying

Dont wanna be here anymore
My heart is aching
And its really sore

Its only been a week
When i lost you in my arms

I try so hard to compose myself
But the tears are hard to hide

I can't believe you left me
I can't believe you're really gone
I can't believe ilI never kiss your face
I feel with you is where I belong

I can't believe it's all over
I can't stand another day
Lying without you next to me
I can't make it another day

I never dreamed that this would happen
Dear God it just can't be

Something that's so beautiful
Would be taken away from me

Now my arms are empty
Nothing to really live for

Because my little baby girl isn't with me anymore...

Dedicated to my baby girl Mama mush mush
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