Praying for all Guardians and their Loss(s)
by Steve Pritikin.........................................
I am continuing my story about Tazma my cat of 15 1/2 years who left me on Feb 18, 2013 from the memorial page as I ran out of room for the allotted characters.
Also I want to say thank you to everyone who were a blessing to me all this time writing to pass on their condolences. My heart goes out to all of you and prayers to the Guardians for strength to hang on to that love of your Fur Baby who has crossed over to Rainbow Bridge.
Tazma my sweet loving angel has held me together for all her life and also into this after life thanks to Ginny and her web site. Tomorrow on April 10, 2015, I am going in for major low back surgery which I was told is very risky but I am at a point of pain that is unbearable. I know my Tazma's spirit is with me and hopefully we will reunite again when it is time. I know I spend a lot of time writing about her but this is what keeps me from losing my soul. I have three other cats who are adorable but the kind of love Tazma put out was so different especially since I have been disabled and home since 2/2004 and can never work again. To all who read this, love your pets unconditionally. They are so special and I hope one day all of you will see them again. My surgery will been a 6-8 hour surgery and then I will know in a few days if the pain I have been living with all these years was worth going through this. If any reason I have a problem in the O.R., I feel in my heart my Tazma will be there in Spirit to help bring me back to some kind of normalcy. God Bless everyone and their lost loved ones. I will write again as soon as I know I am in the clear after surgery. Should my writings stop here, know that I have joined my Tazma and will have no more pain or sorrow. Take care all and especially my baby loving Tazma. I have your picture in front of my and you are so pretty. Thank you for all the love you send me. Daddy
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