Sadness to Gladness
by Steve Pritikin.........................................
When I first got Tazma from a person giving a little of kittens away, I chose Tazma, the kitty with big ears. From the time She came into her new home until her passing 15 1/2 years later, she was the most friendly and loving kitty I ever saw. She would play with store bought toys but rolled up paper balls. She never gave me a day of trouble. She had a cute voice and a playful spirit. I wish daily to this day to have her back. I always wonder if I could have done anymore to extend her life. Such a beautiful cat. I have times to this day I imagine I just saw her some place in my home. As my story goes, give all your love to your fur babies as much as you can. You never know when the time comes to say good bye. I only wish they would live as long as us humans. I also want to say Hi and thanks for my new friend Zaki. Last week I got introduced to Zaki in NJ by his mom Nancy. Thank you for being our new friends. I hope your doing well Tazma and having fun with all the fur babies. Say hi to your new friend Zaki. I heard he has similarities to you. I am sad daily for your loss and glad I have a place I can get serenity from writing you. Love you and miss you so much sweet Tazma. Stay healthy and loving as always...Daddy
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