Thanksgiving is for pets too !
by Steve
Dear Tazma, I know it is getting closer to Thanksgiving and the holidays again. I sit in tears without you and Taffy here to celebrate these times. I can remember the good times when you would get into the food at Thanksgiving and knock down the Christmas tree or Ornaments. I would give you a whole turkey to eat and a special Christmas Tree for each of you just to have you back with me again. I keep my hopes that you are both having fun and are in perfect health. I will burn a candle in your names as I do each year hoping you will one day you will see the lite candle and guide me to where you are. I love you both and always will. Your sister Runt is fine and so is Lana. I know Runt misses you both. I am going to copy this story over to Taffy's memorial page so you both can read it. Stay warm my sweet babies and say a prayer for our friends Zaki and Aja for them and there Guardian Nancy who misses them as much as I miss you. Take care and I will write again soon. Daddy
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