Summer Time Blues
by Steve and Tazma
8-31-2015 Dearest Tazma, It has been awhile since I wrote, please forgive me. I am remembering the summer months with you growing up. You and I had to keep cool in summer and you loved ice water. You would sit by the refrigerator and wait for me to get ice to put in your water bowls. I enjoyed watching you as you chased a ice cube around the house until it melted. I miss you and all the fun times we had together. I hope your sister Taffy is with you and you are having fun with all the other fur babies. Say hi to Zaki and Aja. I hope one day we will be together again forever. I love you so much and as time goes by, so do the seasons and with each passing season I miss you more. I hope there are ice cubes where you are. Take care sweet baby. Love Daddy
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