Thinking of You
by Steve and Tazma Pritikin.........................................
With every season that has passed, with every day that has passed, I never forget to thank you for being in my life. I know people can be mean and say it's only a pet, but to me you have more love in your little heart then anyone or anything. Today we went from a mild weather the last few months to Hot and Humid. It seams Tazma when ever I have a major change or do not feel as well as the day before, it reminds me of you. Just like the seasons change, so does my love for you. I would give up everything I have just to have you back. I was the most happiest when you were here with me on earth. I think of you daily but more as a deep change happens like the season's. You have new friends and Zaki is one of them. Stay close to Zaki and show him how to have fun and be healthy forever. Zaki has siblings too and please take care of them too. I love you and miss you so Much. Daddy
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