One day I saw what I thought was a big rat. A few people laughed and said it was a coon which is rare to see in Chicago. It was very sick and we made the mistake of trying to care for it and eventually called animal control to come and get it. Whatever it had my cat Maxine caught it and the vet gave me all the wrong info on what was wrong. She would not eat and when she had lost 3 pounds I took her back to the vet and they wanted to run all types of expensive test that I could not afford. She jumped off the examining table and hid behind a trash can with pleading eyes like she was saying put me out of my misery. I finally agreed to that and stayed with her when she took her final breath. That night as I was crying myself to sleep, I heard a single meow from my beloved saying she was in a better place and to move on with my life. Exactly a year later my neighbor came over with a starving kitten that she had found and wondered if we wanted to have her. she had the same look and personality as Maxine and I till this day says this was her way of saying life goes on and love another pet. Babykitty as we affectionally called her lived almost 17 years and she gave me a kitten named Ann who was my joy. Babykitty would never be overly affectionate but her kitten made up for it in so many ways. May they both rest in peace and for all of you reading this, love your pets and when they pass, find another one to love.
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