My Emma
by Tammy S.
To my sweet Emma, you were given to me because I tried to take my own life. Your grandma knew if I had a dog I’d have a reason to live. She was right. From the moment you came into my life in 2003 until I had to make that awful decision to put you to sleep this month, April 2018, I would stay alive. You gave me a reason to live. I loved you to the moon and back. My whole world revolved around you. I adored you! You loved eating hibiscus flowers whether you pulled them down from the trees or ate them off the ground, everyone thought it was adorable. You stalked rabbits, cats and the only reason you loved to go to the vet was they had cats for adoption in the lobby. You went crazy. There were also cats at the groomers, you loved going there to so you could pick on those kitties. You loved the car, shopping, running after golf carts, motorcycles. You made your mommy look like a fool running down the street as fast as I could to try to catch up with whatever moved. We would walk at dawn when the bunnies came out. You’d see one and walk real slow, one paw curled up to your body then slowly put your paw down and repeat this process until you made your move and took off with my arm coming out of the socket. I didn’t care. You came first no matter what. Ill love you forever my sweet baby girl. I hope I dream of you often so I can hold on to you. Your my angel. Sleep well. Until we meet again. Love your mommy.
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