The pit bull no one wanted.....
by Terri
I work at vet's office. Leigh was adopted by the doctors wife from a Pit Bull rescue, and named after Princess Leigh. A few cats started to disappear, then on Christmas while everyone was away, one of the family's small dogs was killed. Leigh was to be blamed. I never liked Pit Bulls and I was afraid of her. She spent the next 8 months in a cage in the basement, waiting for the rescue to find her another home. I walked her and fed her twice a day and grew to love her. I would walk her as far as I could go and would let her hunt for rabbits in the brush, I would pet her, she would wag her tail when she saw me and give me kisses. Today, I go to work and I am told they put her to sleep yesterday. They killed heart is breaking and I just hope that I was able to make the last eight months on this earth happy ones for her.

Thank you for this site,Leigh will live forever in my heart. Life is cruel. I am glad that I was able to let her have the limited freedom that I could provide for her. I will never forget you Leigh.
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