Remembering Teddy
by Tia
Teddy Bear Valentine. You were a truly amazing companion and you have blessed my life for 8 years. When I brought you into my life on 11/04/08, I began a journey which has brought unconditional love and devotion. You were a beautiful labradoodle with a special soul with such unique gifts. I have so much appreciation for what you have unselfishly given to me and to so many people. Thank you for being there when no one else was. Thank you for giving me a hug when I needed it. Thank you for being by my side. You were my best friend. Your time on earth was far too short. Sadly you were diagnosed with an incurable cancer on 05/08/16 and have gone to the Rainbow Bridge on 06/23/16. I am grateful that you did not suffer. You were alert and wagged your tail nearly to your passing. You have died unassisted in the comfort of your own home in your bed with me by your side. I can take comfort in knowing that you were not afraid and that you were not alone. You are home with God and you were with me on borrowed time. You have been healed. Now you are my special angel that guides me from above. I will purchase a star from the heavenly sky on behalf of you so I can see your light shine upon me.

You were my rescue dog; we rescued each other. You came into my life at such a trying period and helped so incredibly much. You became my family. But more importantly, you became my best friend. Words cannot express my appreciation for you. You kept all my secrets and were always so agreeable. You were devoted and loved me unconditionally. You wagged with your heart. You had such a good heart. I miss your loving eyes and your expressions. You were beautiful outside and inside. You were absolutely perfect to me.

You waited for me to come home every day. I would see that big fluffy head from outside the patio door. I miss that. You learned many tricks: come, sit, lay, shake, stay, fetch, kisses, and up. You weren’t too fond of roll over unless I rubbed your tummy while you were on your back. I would kiss your nose. You were so smart. You would say ‘food’ by barking ‘woof’ when asked as it was 7:30pm and our dinner time. I miss that. Your tastes became refined as you later stole pork chops, pizza, and fish from the kitchen counter. You also ripped apart tissue paper from the waste paper basket in the living room. There isn’t any mischief in the house any longer. I miss that.

When we took walks at night I whispered Baby Love. I joked and told you that you would return a hairless cat as I think that you grew tired of our brushings. You felt so soft to the touch. When you were groomed I said Mr. Fancy Pants. I had many names of adoration for you. I absolutely loved to dress you in bandanas. It seemed you looked naked without one. I will receive a quilt made from the bandanas you wore so I can be wrapped in your love. I took pictures of you in different poses in many different places. We have so many memories captured on camera. I will receive a heart locket with an angelic picture of you sitting in front of the evening sunlight. We took long walks and long car rides. I brought you everywhere. You were so eager to go. Life seems quiet without you. I fed you cheese when no one was looking. You loved cheese and especially crunching the cheese curls. You would sit in the back seat in your car and put your head far out the window to lap up all of the air that you could get. That was one of the first times I remember smiling. Thank you for helping me to smile and laugh so often. I miss that. You brought so much joy to my life..

I remember one of our first walks. I thought as if you were dancing down the street. We would go walking regularly, as you were my exercise companion and flowers stuck into your curly coat. I thought that you were picking them for me. I will purchase a small bush with blue flowers to plant into the yard on behalf of you so I can nourish it and watch it grow. I miss our walks.

I looked forward to playing with you in the yard. You were so much fun. You learned how to hunt for treats. I remember thinking that you looked like a Hoover vacuum the way that you searched for small pieces scattered around the grass. You were persistent. We played ball and tug of war with your rope. That was such fun. You also played chase by standing on the back two of your powerful legs and jumping with all your power to retrieve a stick, a leaf, a rope. And your puppy craze, I thought was the best. I loved to watch you run. You were beautiful.

On our beach trips, you were very deliberate in how you walked and preferred shallow areas where you were able to wade. You would sit at the surf with encouragement and let your paws get wet. You would run after me and bark playfully along the beachside.

In the living room you enjoyed to lie on the end of the couch with your head against the edge and tucked in between the pillow. You looked so sweet. Now I sleep with the pillow. I miss seeing you in the living room.

In the bedroom you would lie either on the bed or on your large golden bed. I miss our cuddles. We would cuddle on the bed, couch or gigantic love sac. You would hop up onto the bed at night when I would ask and remain next to me until I would fall asleep and only then, you would leave to return to your bed. I would pet you. I will receive a teddy bear doll made from the bed that you slept in so that we can cuddle again yet, differently.

I miss your paws walking down the hallway. Your toe nails made a clicking noise. I miss hearing that. When you were sick, you were able to provide me with your right and left front paw prints in blue ink. I will cherish your paw prints by imprinting a tattoo on the top of my foot. I will place your paw prints in a frame and hang your prints in our house. You would follow me or watch me, if we were in the same room. I miss that.

I will receive a quilt, a teddy bear, a locket, a flowering bush, paw prints, a picture frame and a memory book for those will be treasures for my heart. You have taught me about love, comfort, patience, compassion and acceptance. My final gift to you is everlasting love. I must remember that you are not gone forever. You are with God and that you have a new life. I know that we will we meet and we will not be separated again. I miss you every day. I love you with all of my heart. I will never forget you. Until we meet again. Blessings, prayers, hope and love Teddy Bear Valentine
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