by Tiesha
It’s really hard to think that less than 24 hrs ago you were laying in my lap in a deep sound sleep. I left though, just for a couple of hours, didn’t think it was a big deal, I thought, I’d get to see you after I came home again. All the while not knowing the pain and suffering you were enduring while I was away, celebrating the birthday of another loved one. Little had I known that just a couple hours later, I’d get a call from the one you were scared of most in this world, giving me the news of something so horrifying and painful. I rushed home I promise, as fast as I could, running big red lights, and speeding as fast as we could.
When I saw you, my breath left my body completely, my fingers went numb, and my body broke down.
You were still breathing though, you looked as if you were holding on with everything you could. Just waiting for me to come home again. We tried to save you, but you had fought your last battle, and that night you had no more lives left. I watched as your sapphire eyes, turned to grey, then black. I know the last thing you heard was how much we loved you, and I know you were in no pain. But the suffering you had to have endured was inhumane, I don’t even know why this had been done to you. Or How. You were so innocent, and wanted only the best of love that anyone could give, and in return giving that Love back. You were a wobble head that may have had a hard time balancing, but could put ip a fight if needed to. We Love you and I’m sorry I didn’t come home earlier, You put a smile on my face everyday, burrowed under the blankets when it was time for bed, never left my side when I was sad, and never failed to follow me into the bathroom. We Love you, and those short 8 months where the most rewarding because we had you. Goodbye Kio. I’ve never Loved a cat more than I’ve ever Loved you.
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