by Tiffany Donato
Never will I smell your beautiful scent. Never will I get to touch your silky ears again. Never will I look into your beautiful eyes that connect to my soul. Never will I walk you or play ball again here on this Earth. Never will I soothe you or protect you on this Earth. Never will I stop missing you or stop loving you fiercely. Never will I forget you. Never will I ever stop being so grateful for all of our moments, yet they didn't seem long enough. Never will I stop thinking about you and appreciating the lessons you taught me. Never will I stop yearning for the time we can meet again. Never will I give up the hope that you won't forget me and that I will see you again on the other side. Please be the first one I see and guide me when that moment comes that we may be in Heaven forever in harmony in peace. Never will I stop looking forward to that moment.
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