14 years flew by...
by Tina Dannel

Marshmallow was a sweet and independent dog.He could give you a million sloppy kisses and he loved his stuffed toys.I remember your very first bear that I got you when you first came here you loved that thing and snuggle with it when you was tired.You never tore it up but thanks to your other friends he lost an arm but you still loved it.You was also stubborn at times and would let me know if he didn't like something pretty quick.When he was a puppy or a much younger dog and he would either escape the front door or get out of his collar the race was on.I swear if a dog could smile or laugh at you he did both as we was trying to catch you the only way to get you was to go get the car cause you loved car rides.
Marsh didn't mind the groomers at first but as he got older he didn't have time for that kind of stuff.He got a little feisty with her one time and left a little mark oh her so the grommers was out.
I found some clippers off of amazon so I started grooming you myself.You always did great with me and never left your mark on me during the grooming sessions you was probably the easiest of all of the four legged animals in this house.
Most of the time you was a laid back dog that liked fetching a toy or just chilling on the couch or both dog beds that you thought was yours..When it was time for me to eat you were always there with the rest of the gang waiting for a piece.If there was one word that would stop you in your tracks it would be bologna you loved that stuff.
As you got older if I was laying on the couch so was you.It took you forever to learn to use those steps I bought you.Even after the demonstration of me looking silly showing you how to walk up the steps it still took you a good while to use those steps.They were really helpful after your muscles didn't work like they use too.You was really healthy most all of your life with hardly any issues.I could tell that time was taking a toll on you and it seemed like it was happening way to fast.You always had anxiety you couldn't stand storms or any weird noises at all.As you got older that seemed to worsen but you were on medicine that helped a lot.
Your appetite changed as you got older and you took a fancy to little Cesar's dog food.so that what was on your menu and you loved it.You would let me know pretty quick when you wanted to eat with a bark and a stare like ok go get the food like now.Then came the time that you got that stupid ulcer in your eye.I took you to the vet where we came home with a bag full of medicine and instructions.Eye drops every 4 hours you had two different kinds and you wasn't a fan of either.You was an angel when the vet put them in but at home it was like wresting a pig.We did finally get a routine down that worked pretty good for a while until you got tired of it.Then I was on to the next trick to get those drops in your eyes.You was way smarter then me at times even with a special treat you knew if I was up to something.
How I wish you eye got better it went back and forth to getting better then worse,Then you lost sight in that eye and then your other eye started acting up.It was going way to fast then you had an episode of shaking really bad and I knew what was coming.You could hardly see at all now only shadows the vet said and you had a spinal problem that was causing the trembling.The vet said that you was having a hard month of it and he could try this or that but due to your issues that it was up to us but putting you to sleep would be the must humane thing to do but the decision was ours of course.I wanted to scream make him better please I need to take him on more walks and car rides I didn't have enough time with him. I don't want him to go but you were just the vet and not God.
So we stood by you the whole time as the vet got you comfortable and gave you the medicine that would make you go to sleep and where you wouldn't be in pain anymore. The house isn't the same without you little buddy and we miss you so much...
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