by Tom and Yvonne Woodland
By Dominique Woodland

The greatest basketball player
A most desired kind of beef
My forever missed baby brother.

You came when I had so much to learn
Like how to be thankful
For bacon treats,
For warm, soft bed sheets;
For races at the park,
Where you would run sideways
And hysterically bark.

Like how to love unconditionally.
You spent hours waiting for mommy and daddy.
You waited for me to come home too,
So I can wait for them with you.
Home is where you always wanted to be.

When I think of home, you are what I see.
Paws landing on the floor,
Running, you are ready to greet me…
Right as I walk through the door.
To be forced to smile everyday…
At your excitement that I adore,
It’s a blessing I only now realize when you are away.

I’m sorry I had to go away.
I wish I could’ve stayed, when you started your pain.
Though your heart was weak,
You would never dare complain…
You possessed a heart that humans can only wish
To attain.

How did God know to give me a dog that will:
Love the sun with me;
Lie there with me;
Until, of course,
Daddy yells “KILL!”
And just out of habit,
You have to go get the rabbit!

Your final days were rough
But God knew it was enough
And took you from me
But just so you can be free…
My little, baby Kobe.

I’ll miss you, little brother.
The sun will never feel as warm as it did next to you.
I love you with all my heart,
But for now, while we’re apart,
It will be a warm memory-
Among many,
That I will cherish forever.

[In loving memory of Kobe Woodland, May 7, 2004 – May 8, 2017, 13 wonderful years]
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