Song of "Teddy the terrible".
by Victor
This is a song I come up with one day while my "puppy son" and I were enjoying our routine evening walk.

Teddy ( a pure white Cotton De Tular) and I are forever joined in both heart and spirit. At seven years old, he developed Cushings Disease, and I lost him on 12/12/2014. He passed peacefully at home while in my arms.

I think of him often, and when my thoughts go deep, even still - I cry oceans of tears.

His remains were cremated, and now he sits on my bedroom dresser inside a stuffed toy doggie that looks much like him.

Forever loved, eternally missed! 

Sometimes while on our walks, I would sing this song to him, and he would start swinging his dog butt in perfect rhythm with the tune, while holding his head high.

With love, I share our special song.

I love my doggie,
he loves me too.

He's a good doggie,
Red, white and blue.

Him never shitz in the house,
Him always wipes him's feet.

I love my doggie,
He makes my life sweet...
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