My baby
by Virginia Dunne
I still remerber the frist time we met. You fit in the palm of my hand. My daugter could not keep you soshe brought you to me. She knew i would take very good care of you justike i did her. She knew the love i had for animals.little did she know the spiecal gift she was handeing me. For you you i needed you as much as you needed me. I named youu baby for you were so tiny just like premature infant. Who god called to heaven. You didnt get much bigger maybe 9 pound. For the next 15 years you brought me so much were always by my side. Now your gone from my sightbut not my heart and mind. You loved me in such a speical way.i know your in a wonderful place. Rainbow bridge just waiting for me to come see you again. I can't wait my beautiful baby girl to touch you to hold you and once more be together again just like we were before you had to leave. My heart has never been the same. But all i have to do is close my eyes and see you and remerber all our times together.
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