why did you have to go.
by Virginia Taylor
max had a stroke on easter night,about a year before that I fell off him and broke it.i rode him once after,i wanted to jump on him and continue our journey through middle school together,from third grade to the sumer of the second year of doing fith greade due to my accident,i had us planned,but when I heard the dreaded words from my mom,no sleep for a month,i know he watches over me.do you feel like its almost possible to go back in time,those are my dreams,my thoughts,he is what made me whole.and he was my first real best friend.not only did I teach him,he tought me what friendship,love is.i would take a thousand bullets for him,and still would.i miss you max,remember what I told you the day you left. "OUR JOURNEY LIES WITHIN OUR HEARTS,you don't see eye to eye in love,its heart to heart"
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