Love You Forever Lilly
by Vivian and Graceyn Johnnson
Lilly, we will miss you soooo much! You were a part of our family before we were even born! You were a awesome dog and friend. You were the BEST dog. You slept with us, protected us and made us laugh. You knew lay down, sit and 'go lay down'. We are gonna miss you licking us on the lips and watching TV with us. You were the softest dog too! We hope you meet up with Max in heaven and Grace and our fish that died. We hope God has dog toys and treats for you and pets you on your head. We are gonna miss you FOREVER! When you are in heaven our fun days with you are gonna be over, but wait for me when we get there in 109 years.
Vivian Rose
Graceyn Montgomery
Theodore (I dont know my little brothers middle name)
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