by Yoli Hernandez
I remember the first time I saw you, when our eyes crossed, that first moment we were connected forever. I could wait for your parents to ask me to babysit, you filled every single place of my house with your presence, it was close we became, I started to love your kindness ; the way everyone around you felt so love and respected, and you started to love the way I spoiled you. You knew you could get away with everything around me. I remember the first time you leaked my could not hold me but you did everything possible to let me know you were there for me. And thats it we have a bond that no one understood, you were not my doggie but I treated you and love you like my own. You taught me compassion, loyalty, friendship, you never judged me and loved me more even when I did not deserve it. There were hard moments when life pushed us apart, I asked God every night to allow me to see you again because I missed you terrible and I promised you I would never leave you alone. I am sorry Sisi, life got on the way but never what you have represented in my life. I tried to be with you until your last breath, then again life did not allowed it, there are reasons that my heart will take forever to understand, I tried... I had so much to tell you and Thank you for. I could not say goodbye to my most precious friend but I know we will see each other again and then we will never lose sight of each other. Thank you Maggie for being my best friend, the best doggie ever and for allowing me to have 13 years of unconditional love by your side. Te Amo
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