by Zara
Solace By Lisa Carmel Singer

From the Silence of your pain,
I heard my name and on the wings of light
I have come to see the sadness in your eyes that cry without tears
Can you see me, I am here I will always be near you,
to calm your shattered heart
and to make you smile at the memories
Do you feel me, perhaps a soft brush of fur
You ache to believe it’s real but you are afraid to hope
you brush away a strand of hair
But it was I, whispering
I am only here for a moment
The silver thread gently quivers
I will leave behind my love in a dream
When you awaken and without really knowing why
Your heart will know at last that it is alright for now to say goodbye.

Its just a beautiful thought and a hard thing to do ~ to say the last goodbye. May it bring Peace and hope to all those who are finding it hard to let go ...... as I have for many many years ~ still 💗💔💗 all these long years since 1985 and through many since.

They are never truly gone ~ as long as we continue to love and remember them in our hearts. x
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