beloved chloe
by carol morgan
Chloe was a very mild and calm rottweiler she was 13 years old and was loved so very much ...Her brown eyes were so beautiful. She was happy playful and just so easy going. Until she started to gain so much weight then she had problems getting up and held alot of fluid and i knew she was tired and just the way she looked at me sometimes was help me, on monday the 25th she went to the vet to be checked and he said her functions were shutting down and she was in pain. I had to make the decision to let her go home and be with her brother so i sat with her while she was getting ready for her journey and believe me its the hardest thing to do but, was necessary. I watched her lay there so calm and then in a matter of minutes the shining eyes went blank and it was so hard to let her go but, she is gone but she will be back she is getting creamated so i wait for her to come home.Hugs and kisses my beautiful fur baby.
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