My Little gentleman
by daniel blauser
Samson was a 10 year survivor of a puppy mill
no longer needed he was taken to a shelter in Indiana
Samson was old,blind,and crippled and no one wanted him
he waited for 2 years and finally his time was up
He was scheduled to be executed on june 10 2011
on june 7 I was contacted by a freind who asked if i could help
it would be tough-i have a Eskie and she would be very unhappy
on june 8th I went to Indiana and got Samson
oh! they forgot to tell me .. samson hates men
he was terrified to leave his home
we stopped at urger king and samson got a burger(His first i believe)
samson and I became best buddys
in November Samson got December he continued to fail
He got his wings Jan. 3, 2012 and I gt a broken heart

Comments would be appreciated by the author, daniel blauser
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