Gonzo World Order
by david
In your last year, we moved to a house in the country. my friend had 1/2 the house, I had the other 1/2, and you had the whole house. we'd share a kitchen and bath, and each had his own living room. The Rule was, you'd "escort" either of us to the kitchen, or bathroom (depending on the need) patiently wait by the door, or doorway til we did whatever we needed to do, and lead us back, looking over your shoulder to see if we followed, & making a kind of muttering sound every few steps. For a huMAN to stop following was NOT wize, as youd turn, sit, give a disgusted appearance and give a full meoooow to get us moving again. And, the times we'd gather in the kitchen talking, (gawd forbid, the huMAN'S were out of their cages again!) you'd sit looking at us, and give a mighty "huff" or sigh as a sign. It was time to go back to my cage. you'd lead us 1 at a time to the room, and the chair we were supposed to be in. This was the Gonzo World Order...we learned to love it!!.. btw.. i opend a can of tuna today for the first time since you left. Twas strange, not having you there as soon as you heard the can opener. not as much fun either. ....still missing the light of my life.
Comments would be appreciated by the author, david
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