when i lost my two best friends in the whole world
by paige
When i went into my carers kitchen i could here some barking, i asked my carer if those were her dogs that were barking and she said that they were her dogs that were barking, when she opened the back door, she called them in and they came rushing into the house and they came up to me and then started sniffing at me, hey wouldn't leave me alone, but i can't argue about it because they were my best friends in the whole wide world, we had so many memories together, i remember in the morning i would open up the gate that was in the kitchen because they used to try and escape, so i opened the gate and both of them were in their baskets, Arnie was next to the chair that i always sit on and Archie was under the table. both of them came out of their baskets and kept rubbing against me anywhere they wished, the most disgusting thing i ever seen Archie do was lick his brother in the private parts, sometimes i had to push him out of the way. in the summer this year my carer had a painter come around. he was painting and Archie was outside so i grabbed hold of him and held him, when the painter told me what he was going to do i put my head beside Archie's head he started rubbing his head against mine. before i put him down i kissed him on the head and he liked it, the next month it was so very sad because that was when i was going to lose my best friends in the whole wide world. my carer was in her bedroom on her phone and i could hear that they were going to the vets, it made me cry losing them. we lost them in September, we took them to the vets and they put this purple thing in both of their legs, i was cuddling them and crying at the same time,i picked them up and said to both of them that one day i will go to rainbow bridge and see you again, but with the years to come both of you will be in my heart and you will never be forgotten and then they both died in my arms. we took them home and buried them, i had a stone from animal therapy and painted on the stone r.i.p arnie and Archie, beloved best friend, gave unconditional love to everybody they meet and they were so sweey

goodbye my darling baby furballs
i hope you cross rainbow bridge with other animals,
love you and miss you baby boys
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