Letter(s) To Ruckus.
by robin m
Dear Ruckus, It's been 3 days since we've been together in the life as we knew it. Having you leave this Earthly place, has been the hardest thing for me to go through, for you're not here for me to hold onto & hug. So I must say you were & always will be a big comfort in my life. At first, I felt like I was taking the easy way outin not wanting to care for you physically. That is not the case at all! Over almost 8 years as bestest friends& soulmates, there was nothing I would'nt do for you. I like to believe I did my best at giving you the best possible life possible. I never planned on having another dog in my life to be responsible for. Besides I had your feline sister Bubastis AKA Boo Kitty to care for. When we brought you home, I fell in love. There was no turning back. For almost over 8 years, our love, affection& respect for each other grew stronger. We bonded. I tried very hard to keep us together when times got tough. Think I did an ok job at it in spite of all obstacles. WE...beat the odds. We stayed together in this life & we will be together in the next. At this point in time, my heart is torn, my body numb & my mind is blank. BUT inspite of the new raw feelings, You & I will ALWAYS be together forever!
Love for Eternity......Mommy <3
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