Anabelle in the clouds
by shawn McAvoy

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Subject: anabelle in the clouds

I know that our animals go to heaven, God showed me. My wife and I have no children, our dog Anabelle was a child to us. When my little girl Bichon frise passed we blessed her with holy water and said a passage praising God for all His creations.

In the passage we said that God was the creator of "All good things that brighten up the sky." After that passage my wife looked upward at the sky and saw Anabelle, our bichon.
In the clouds was a mirrored image of my girl as she laid before us. We saw two more clouds resembling her in familiar poses namely on her back and begging on her hind legs. I decided to enjoy the moment and not run for the camera. The next day I check the national US satellite imagine on NOAA 1/2/2015 at 1545 or 3:45pm EST of that area and at that exact time we saw those clouds. To my amazement there Anabelle was, several images of her as she ascended to heaven.

180 days after her passing I was thinking of her and a strong urge made me look for her in the dark clouded sky. I was looking over the same area of the animal hospital where she passed. Then the sun broke through a small area revealing her. She was laying down doing her favorite pastime licking her paw. I could see a halo around her head and she had angel wings. The tail end of the wing appeared to flow into a bearded face.

This must be the Good Sheppard to whom we always asked to look over her. A week before she passed I purchased a sculpture of the Good Sheppard holding a lamb carved out of an olive tree in Bethlehem. This purchase went to help the Christians in Israel that are having a hard time making a living. The lamb always made us think of our Anabelle as she resembles it. We once placed her in a large nativity seen at our church and had her laying there among the sheep. I think the Lord saw all of this and was kind enough to show us that He is looking over her and all the animals. Also 180 degrees is a straight line in math so I think the lord was telling me to move forward in life as opposed to 360 degrees,which would be back to where you are. Other signs continue to come to me from the lord.
I got another Bichone Frise "Kayla" a few months after Anabelle passed and I felt conflicted about my decision. I wasn't replacing Anabelle but wanted to have that dog interaction once more. That year my wife insisted I open this belated fathers day card as I was leaving to go shopping. She signed it from Anabelle and Kayla. As this was on my mind during my drive to the store I pulled into a parking space I looked up at the car in front of me a red mustang my favorite car. Then I saw the novelty license plate it said "2 BICHONS" around it the frame said happiness is a baseball card. But I know really which card the lord was letting me know about. What are the chances of that? I took a picture of that mustangs license plate as well.

We miss Anabelle but know someday we will be together again meeting up at the rainbow bridge.
Comments would be appreciated by the author, shawn McAvoy
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