Hope and Dreams
by stephen pritikin
8-14-2017 Hi Tazma, hope you are doing well and enjoying your time at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much. Another surgery is coming next Wednesday and I am nervous. I remember how after each surgery you always came up to me and cuddled and gave me kitty love. I could never have enough and I never had pain as long as you were there. I know someday we will be reunited and be together forever. I miss so many things about you. Your patience, your love, your sweetness. I wish I could see you now. Hope you are watching out for Taffy. Runt, Lana, and Binky are getting along. I have your picture in front of me and you are so pretty. I can hardly believe it has been over 4 years since I last saw you. Please take care my kitty and if everything comes out OK at surgery, I will write you to tell you how it went. Many hugs and kisses. Love Daddy
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