Vets or Dollars
by steve pritikin.........................................
Unfortunately not all Vets have your pets interest at heart. They know they can not talk so they depend on labs and xrays when we feel they are ill. My regular Vet I had was great. Gave discounts and no unnecessary tests. I could ask for the Rx to purchase meds online for less and her had no problem with that. He even told me where I could get the meds they have at a much reduced price. My story is my cat Tazma was ill when she was 12 years old. The young Vet wanted to give her all kinds or tests when the lab blood work came back. I told him I was on SSI and could we try meds first. He was reluctant but it turned from tests for a hydrated cat with a thyroid issue to "if you don't do these tests, your pet will not last the week." I refused to believe him as I saw the labs. I told him try anti biotics first and I would do the Ringers fluids at home. He said I was wasting my dollars for a very ill cat. You can read about her on Rainbow Bridge. She got better quick right after the meds for two weeks and went on to live a happy, loving, pain free life until Feb 18, 2013, when she turned 15 1/2 years old. She lived 3 1/2 years longer then the Vet said she would. They since went out of business. I came home Valentine's Day 2/14 to find one of my other babies laying on the bed looking like Tazma did at 12 years old. I took her immediately to a local Vet who took in-house labs. She came back into the room and said my 11 year old Taffy would not make it that weekend if even hospitalized. As I did with Tazma, I requested medications to try first. This Vet said not to have any expectations. I was told to come back Monday 2/17 to re test in-house labs. This Vet entered the room with bulging eyes and said she was baffled that in two days the labs came back almost to normal and my Taffy was very alert and happy. I thought to finish the two weeks of medicines and do a small lab check on the items that were in question. Instead she wanted to charged me more for meds and do more expensive unnecessary testing. I asked for a small discount since I am a senior on SSI and they said they do not discount because that's the way people go out of business. No concern for the cat. I went on and look for all Vets in Simi Valley, CA by ratings.I found the number one Vet had 5 star comments and over 615 reviews 93% very positive for their Vets, office, staff, and not charging for unnecessary items including over charging for items like meds. Park Animal Hospital and Dr. Hanna took labs but sent them out to a real lab for accuracy. He check out Taffy on 3/1 and on 3/2 had the results back. He called me on his off time after hours to tell me the labs were all normal and that I have a healthy and happy cat. Yes she has a thyroid problem and has been taking Methimazole for a year but the other Vet took her off that medicine while on anti biotics. That raised her T4 but Dre Hanna did not over charge me or need to do any more tests at this time. I paid 175.00, not the $1000.00 from the other Vet who said she would be gone in a few days. Today, 3/4, she is healthier then ever. Eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping. My 11 year old Taffy beat the odds as my Tazma did. This is why I am writing this story. It is long but I think well needed for others to see. I know is one place to check a business. The prior Vet was in the tenth spot while Park Animal Hospital is at number one. Read the comments should anyone want a place to see what us fur baby lovers have to say about the Vets that treat them. Paying more and doing more tests may be a waste of time and money. I am not a Vet but I can say at no time was the prior Vet really concerned with Taffy. I got the scare tactic to either spend more high dollars on non needed tests and over priced medications. This Vet would not give me the Rx to get my pet meds online. I had to buy them from her. Clavamox is on average $21.00 on the web but $30.00 at the Vet and an added Rx filling charge. What is a filling charge. I used my credit card to pay for the $1000.00 for two visits and cancelled going back for more tests. My SSI will not cover it so I borrowed from my retirement account to pay for this waste of time. It taught me a lesson. For everyone out there, get on the web and run business checks and get opinions of others if you have time for your loving babies. Vets have you at there Mercy. Pets can not talk and we have to trust out Vets with tell the truth about the lab or xrays reports and not over charge you. In my area there are a few with very bad comments. This one I found is like a family you can trust. Pulling the plug on any of my beautiful babies is the last thing I ever would need to do. I challenge the Vets first and get a second opinion. Your pet's life depends on it and "NO", they are not in distress or suffering as they tell you most of the time. If your aging Grandparent had ALS and does not remember names or people and things is still in good health, would you pull the plug because he can never be the same person you knew and grew with ? Again, I apologize for the very long story. I love to write since I am disabled and been home for over 10 years. I have my loving 4 legged children to thank for getting me this far. Their unconditional love is something I never take advantage of. If I have to go without eating, so be it as long as I gave it my best try to not let these car sale people Vets take advantage of me. I wish everyone my prayers that you will have a long and loving life with your loving fur babies. I also hope and pray you always find the right Vet. If any Vet is reading this, then do the right thing and think of the animal and caretaker first before your pockets. Get a second job or get a new line of work if over charging and giving
un needed tests just to make your Mortgage and a trip to Hawaii. Do what the doctor's that take care of us humans do. Read the Hippocratic Oath and put the sick before the dollar. I apologize if I offended anyone as it was not intentional. I only wants what is best for our babies that we can return the love and kindness as they give us their short life's. My prayers to all who lost any loved pet and condolences. I welcome any comments to this but I needed to vent as I am tired of being taken advantage of and the scare tactics used just to fill their pockets. May all of you have a long and enjoyable life with your loved ones. Steve P.
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