Rainbow Bridge is always looking for people willing to volunteer their time to help another person who has lost a beloved pet and needs someone to talk to, share stories, or provide support.

We also have opportunities for those who would like to send a condolence note to Guardians who have recently suffered a loss or to those who have posted a prayer at the Candlelight Vigil Prayer Room because their Furbaby is ill.

To volunteer, please fill out the form below.

A good heart and a kind soul are required.


Pet Loss Grief Volunteer Opportunities:
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Send a note of condolence to Guardians grieving a recent loss
Send Guardians of a Monday Night Candle Tribute a condolence note

Monitor the Pet Loss Chat Room to provide help to someone grieving a loss
Monitor the Pet's With Cancer Chat Room to provide help
Reply to posts at the Pet Loss Grief Support Forum
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Pet Care volunteer opportunities:
Reply to posts at the Your Pets Health Forum
Send a note to Candlelight Vigil postings for those with a sick baby

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