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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of November 29, 2022 through December 05, 2022



Date Posted: 11/30/22
Requested By: BS Phillips
For: AbbyBear
Breed: Chihuahua Min Pin Mix
Home Town: Woodward Ok
Born: 10/2013
Passed On: 09/2022
Special Tribute: You brought so much joy to our lives, you will always be a part of our family in our hearts. We will love and miss you forever AbbyBear!
Email: BS Phillips

Date Posted: 11/29/22
Requested By: Ga y Vale
For: Arianna y Galatea
Breed: Cat
Home Town: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Born: 02/11/2004 - 11/11/2003
Passed On: 08/16/2018 - 06/20/2020
Special Tribute: Que el camino salga a tu encuentro, que el viento siempre este a tu espalda, que el sol brille cálidamente sobre tu rostro, que la lluvia caiga suavemente sobre tus tierras y, hasta que volvamos a encontrarnos, que Dios te tenga en la palma de su mano. Siempre con nosotras, hijitas del alma
Email: Ga y Vale

Date Posted: 11/29/22
Requested By: Olivia
For: ❤️👼ATHENA👼❤️
Breed: Perfect Angel 👼
Home Town: Anaheim, CA
Born: JULY 2, 2012 ❤️
Passed On: 10/12/20
Special Tribute: My dearest Baby Athena, I love you so much, I am so grateful for YOU. YOU are and always will be the very BEST part of me and my life, you are my blessing. I look forward to the day I am reunited with you my Baby Girl. I miss you so much, heaven is so, so lucky to have you ❤️❤️❤️ Rest in Paradise 🌈
Email: Olivia

Date Posted: 11/29/22
Requested By: Gregory
For: Bandit
Breed: American Cocker Spaniel
Home Town: New York City
Born: March 6, 1997
Passed On: November 5, 2011
Special Tribute: Dear Bandit, November marks your 11 year anniversary. You are loved & missed.I hope you are enjoying heaven & are in a place of refreshment, light &peace. I will always have a special place in my heart for you. I hope to see you again.You are a good boy. Sleep warm. Stay with mommy until I get there
Email: Gregory

Date Posted: 11/29/22
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Bandit
Breed: Special Guy
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1998
Passed On: December 28, 2017
Special Tribute: I love you Bandit. I thought the pain would ease with the passing days but it surely does not. I guess we just get used to the pain and try to carry on our lives as best as we can and care for those who remain. May the heat from this candle signify the warmth of the love we share forever. ((Bandit))
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 11/29/22
Requested By: Chris/John
For: Beau
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Home Town: FL
Born: 1998
Passed On: 11/29/13
Special Tribute: My little bear, it still hurts my soul thinking about our last moments 9 years ago and I hope you didn't think I abandoned you but I couldn't bear to see your life leave you. Please forgive me and know that I wish I had stayed. We will be together again and I will never leave you alone.
Email: Chris/John

Date Posted: 12/1/22
Requested By: Giselle
For: Bella
Breed: Beautiful tortoiseshell
Home Town: UK
Born: 2020
Passed On: 6th July 2021
Special Tribute: My darling girl, this will be my second Christmas without you. I miss you so so much, and love you forever. Be happy my darling. I’ll join you one day when the time is right. Meantime, I will think about you every single day, and send my love every day to you in heaven❤️🌈
Email: Giselle

Date Posted: 11/29/22
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Benson
Breed: Beautiful Boy
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1998
Passed On: June 23, 2015
Special Tribute: I love you Benson. I still miss you so very much but I am also so very happy and blessed that you picked me to share your life with. Thank you for the years of love and companionship to brought to my life. May the heat from this candle signify the warmth of the love we share forever. ((((BENSON))))
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 11/29/22
Requested By: Christine & Nigel
Home Town: Rochford River Bank Essex UK
Born: 31/03/94 & 01/06/95 & 26/01/10
Passed On: 20/01/08 & 12/07/10 & 18/11/20
Special Tribute: Hiya again our precious angel's hope you having lots of love fun & cuddles altogether we love & miss you all more & more with every passing day & you are safely in our hearts forever thankyou for everything sweethearts stay close always God bless my darlings love your Mummy & Daddy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Email: Christine & Nigel

Date Posted: 11/30/22
Requested By: Diego
For: Boomer
Breed: Dachshund
Home Town: Crown Point
Born: 1992
Passed On: 2004
Special Tribute: Dear Boomer, Christmas season is in full swing, and this is the time I miss you most. I miss taking you to see Santa, where you sit on his lap. You were my furry child, and I loved you as my child. Another Christmas without you, but your stocking is still hung on the fireplace. Love, Dad
Email: Diego


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