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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of January 24, 2023 through January 30, 2023



Date Posted: 1/24/23
Requested By: Greg
For: Daisy
Breed: American Cocker Spaniel
Home Town: New York City
Born: March 1, 2011
Passed On: March 8, 2021
Special Tribute: Sweet Daisy, it’s been 99 weeks. You’re loved &missed. I hope you’re enjoying heaven & are in a place of refreshment,light & peace. I‘ll always have a special place in my heart for you. I hope to see you again.Sweet dreams & sleep warm. Stay with mommy until I get there. Happy New Year XOXOXOXOXOXO
Email: Greg

Date Posted: 1/27/23
Requested By: Kath
For: Daisy
Breed: Airedale
Home Town: McHenry IL
Born: 07.12.1999
Passed On: 10.07.2013
Special Tribute: I love and miss you every day baby girl.
Email: Kath

Date Posted: 1/28/23
Requested By: Iris Lazo & sister-Tiffany
For: Daisy Lazo
Breed: Mixed breed
Home Town: Northridge ca
Born: 03/07/2004
Passed On: 01/16/2023
Special Tribute: Beautiful Daisy, today it’s 2 weeks since you joined rainbow Bridge. You’re now a furangel. We miss you so much my love. Life is so difficult without you and your love. We thank you for being such a good baby girl and loving us so much. You are forever in our hearts. We love you!!♥️🥰😘🐶🤗🌼👼🏻🧸
Email: Iris Lazo & sister-Tiffany

Date Posted: 1/28/23
Requested By: Barb Giannou
For: Daphne
Breed: Shih-tzu
Home Town: Pompano Beach, Florida
Born: 02/02/2010
Passed On: 01/21/23
Special Tribute: Pilar and I are missing you so much sweet Daphne. Everyone who came into contact with you immediately fell in love with you and vice versa. You were the perfect dog~ loving, patient,faithful,obedient, and you took such good care of Pilar always putting her first and watching over her. ❤️Love u Daph
Email: Barb Giannou

Date Posted: 1/29/23
Requested By: Monica & Ken
For: Dusty
Breed: Wheaton Poodle
Home Town: Hammonton, NJ
Born: 3-6-03
Passed On: 10-20-14
Special Tribute: My sweet angel, I love and miss you so much. I hope you are doing OK and playing with your new friend, Peanut, and Gabby. Thank you for loving me and being my best buddy in the whole world. I miss our fun times. Watch over me. I love you. Love, Mommy xoxoxoxo
Email: Monica & Ken

Date Posted: 1/29/23
Requested By: Anna
For: Eggnog
Breed: Guinea pig
Home Town: Bloomington, Indiana
Born: 03/2016
Passed On: 12/31/2022
Special Tribute: I hope that wherever you are now, my sweet girl, you are happy, have plenty of green grass, yummy dandelions and a lot of friends to play with. I miss you so much, and think of you every day. I know that your sister Nutmeg misses you too. We all love you, and you will be forever in our hearts.
Email: Anna

Date Posted: 1/29/23
Requested By: Denise
For: Ernie
Breed: Golden Retriever
Home Town: Hope Valley, RI
Born: 11/26/06
Passed On: 1/6/2020
Special Tribute: Hello my sweet Ernie. How I miss you. You were my little clown and you always made me laugh. I will always remember how much you loved your pillows. You will always be my little boy. I love you more than all the stars in the sky. Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxo
Email: Denise

Date Posted: 1/29/23
Requested By: Monica & Ken
For: Gabby
Breed: Maltese Terrier
Home Town: Hammonton,NJ
Born: 6-6-98
Passed On: 6-27-15
Special Tribute: Dear little Gabby, We love and miss you so very much. Run free and play with your new friends, Peanut, and Dusty.We love and miss you all so much. Thank you for being our silly little girl and I always making us smile. We love you. Love, Mommy xoxoxoxo
Email: Monica & Ken

Date Posted: 1/25/23
Requested By: Kathie Marty
For: GG
Breed: Pekie-Tzu-Yorkie-Poo
Home Town: Monticello, Wi.
Born: 6-15-2009
Passed On: 1-22-2023
Special Tribute: Precious GG, you know how much Larry and I loved you. I knew you were getting old and I tried to prepare, but I still feel SO sad, hurt, and numb. When I can start to smile again, please know that I have not forgotten the pain of losing you and not even death can steal the love we shared together.
Email: Kathie Marty

Date Posted: 1/24/23
Requested By: Debbie
For: Ginger
Breed: labradoodle
Home Town: Carmel,NY
Born: 02/14/2004
Passed On: 03/01/2010
Special Tribute: Dear Ginger I love and miss you every day, there's a special place in my heart just for you. Thank you for sending your spirit back to me. I see you in her eyes. Daddy is with you now, please wait for me…….. Love always and forever Mom
Email: Debbie


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